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When To Change The Car Battery

Car owners can face several unexpected situations. One that is often overlooked is when to change the car battery. Car batteries perform a very crucial function of passing the electricity to the starter motor for ignition. Usually, a car battery is chemical-based which gets converted into electrical energy and powers the parts inside. There are multiple electrical parts and components which are run on the battery. New car owners often forget that they need to look at the car battery health as well when they send the car in for servicing.

These are some simple hints that your battery should get looked at:

  • The engine is taking longer than usual to start and if the ignition starts, the noise is not smooth.
  • When you open the hood, the car battery looks bloated. This can be due to the excessive heat of the engine and changing the batteries in such a case can be a good idea.
  • Car batteries often are semi-transparent and the fluid is visible from outside. So, if you notice a very low battery fluid, then your car battery is surely asking for a change.
  • The car battery can send itself signals for change. For an instance, it may start leaking due to overheating or damage. Car owners should immediately resort to changing them after reading this sign.
  • Your interior or exterior car lights might look dimmer than usual. This can be a sign of the motor not recharging the battery to its fullest potential.
  • A stinky smell from the battery, when you open the hood, is also a tell-tale sign that there is damage to the car’s battery.

The battery of a car is vital for all vehicles and is a problem we often forget. Come down to Brandon Cadillac near Tampa where we have certified and trained technicians to help out if you need a new battery. See here for service appointments for any vehicle problems.