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Signs You Need New Brakes

On average, the lifespan of a vehicle brake is 45,000 miles, give or take 20,000 miles depending on how the vehicle has been used and perhaps vehicle type.

Other than this generic mileage-based rule, there are a couple of things that can signal a change of brake pads. See below.

1. Squeaking / squealing / grinding sound

Brake pads are in constant friction with the brake rotor and this wears out the pads over time. As they function together, there is also a lot of dust that gathers on the brake pad. Both these factors can be the cause of unusual noise while driving and braking. Sometimes you may even hear a metallic noise. This is due to a semi-metallic layer in the brake pads which when exposed due to wear and tear make a sound.

2. Vibration of brake pedals

Both the brake rotor and the brake pad can be a cause for vibration if they are in a bad condition. In either case, the brakes must be tested for damage.

3. Brakes come on slowly

If the brake of the vehicle comes into effect much later than it should, there is an issue with the brake system that needs immediate attention. This usually happens when the brake pads are so worn out that they are unable to create enough friction with the brake rotor.

4. Indicator lights

A lot of vehicles nowadays have a sensor that warns you regarding the brakes. If your brake light is on even though your parking brake is not engaged, it needs technical assistance and can be a signal for a brake change.

5. Brake pad that is less than a quarter-inch thick

Once in a while, it may be a good idea to check the condition of the brakes physically. You can see the brake pad between the spoke of your wheel. If it appears as thin as a quarter inch, it surely is time for a replacement.

Having good brakes on your car is vital to keeping you safe. Every time you bring in your car to a trusted dealership like Brandon Cadillac where we have trained and certified technicians, ask about your brake life. We will give you an honor answer to ensure your vehicle is safe for the road. We have specials running all the time so check here to see if you can save on your next servicing.